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10x10 kitchen.jpg
10x10 kitchen1.jpg


- All our 10' x 10'  pricing online is based on our 10' x 10' cabinet layout.

- Cabinets indicated in the layout are the  cabinets we used in all the pricing.

- You can always send us your kitchen measurement through email, we will give you complete price quote based on your layout.

- We will do the kitchen design for FREE, just bring your measurement and we will take care the rest!

10' X 10' Kitchen Layout

Scroll down for kitchen measurement tips

Kitchen Measurement Tips

These are what we need:

  • Size of the window, distances from the wall to the window.

  • Size of your kitchen walls.

  • Height of the Ceiling.

  • Indicate any special size appliances.

Straight kitchen.png

Straight Kitchen

Gallery Kitchen

galley kitchen.png

L Shape Kitchen

L shape kitchen.png

U Shape Kitchen

U-Shape Kitchen.png

L-Shape with Open Bar Kitchen

L-Shape with Open Bar Kitchen.png
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